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2nd Day

Cycling Košice-Velka Lodna Train Velka Lodna-Štrba

overcast 20 °C

2nd Day: 21.8.2009

When I camed out of train in Košice I pedaled to avtocamp which was located in south side of town. After breakfast that I have bought in local store I assambled my tent and tried to sleep for few hours. Problem was, that other residednts of the camp just waked up and it was noisy. After 1 hour of trying to sleep I realized, that I will not be able to sleep so I decided to move out of the town. First I wanted to see old town and this was my first destination only few kilometers away. I went for early lunch before start. Than I just started to pedal in direction north. I have choosed secondary road. Later I found out, that roads ends after 43 km in village called Velka Lodna (Mala Lodna). I was really tired and also hungry again. In village there is only possible to buy some food from store, but no any restaurant there. I cycled to next village few km away called Mala Lodna. Also here no restaurant,so I decided to buy a sendwich in local store. Soon after train arrived and I wanted to go to Poprad 70 km away. On railway station I got an information that Poprad is ugly big town and that I should reather go to small village 10km east of Poprad called Štrba. I listened to them and took a train to Štrba. Štrba is beautyfull village in Tatra mountains 895 meters high. From here you can hike to higher placed lake called Štrbske Pleso which is full of beauty. It is also to come there by train or car.
Here I was overnighting in pension Kukočka for 20,00 eur. It is nice and clean gusthouse with frindly owner.
I was also having dinner in autocamp near center and food was tasty.
Together I was on bicycle 2:40h and made 45 km. Weather was not to hot, cloudly and arround 20 degrees-perfect for cycling.


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1st Day

Transfer to Košice

sunny 26 °C

After my first bicycle trip in Montenegro/Croatia I becamed hooked. I finally found something I really like to do!
Because I didnt want to wait till next spring I decided to go again on bicycle trip in summer 2009. I had to work after I camed back from Croatia, so first possible date was end of August. As destination I have choosed Slovakian Tatras. I decided for Slovakia, because it is close to my hometown and not expencive. I had 9 days time and my plan was to start in Košice and finish in Bratislava where I was leaving my car.
Didnt have much to prepare, since I had all equipment I needed. I found out, that cheapest way for me is to go with my own car from Maribor (Slovenia) to Bratislava -(Slovakia) which is only 250 km and from Bratislava to Košice with local train because it is really cheap.

1st DAY: 20.8.2009

I left Maribor later afternoon and drove to Bratislava which took me maybe 3,5 hours. When I arrived in Bratislava it was already getting dark. First I drove to main railway station. Wanted to park my car somewhere near and I didnt want to pay for 10-days parking. I asked taxi driver if there is maybe possible to park somewhere near free of charge. Taxi driver answred, that it is impossible to park anywhere in Bratislava for free and that I dont want to leave my car unwatched there. Anyway I decided to check this information on my own and found nice parking space near railway station. Actually it was ment for people living in the building, but there were many free spaces, so I decided to risk and parked my car there.

I preparared my bicycle for trip and cycled to railway station. On the way, I have taken a photo of street name where the car was and also few photos of advertising tables for orientation after I come back. I bought a ticket to Košice and had to wait more than 2 hours for train that was leavin at 00:08. After train arrived I had to lift my bicycle in special luggage department. I had a seat reservation and after I placed my bike on special hook, I wanted to go to rest a little. I found out, that whole cupe is full of gypsies and I decided to stay close to my bike. I had with me armaflex which was serving me as a bed on trip to Košice. After I becamed sleepy I wanted to sleep but I was to afraid to get robbed. After train left the station 2 gypsies entered lagguage department and were slleping on the floor. I was acting as I am sleeping and have heard, that one guy asked another if I already sleep (Slovakian language is very similar to Slovenian and we can understand each other). After I heard that, I couldnt fall a sleep and was awake whole night on train. Gypsies left only few stops earlier than me, so I didnt have any chance for sleep.


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