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Počuvaldinsko Jezero - Levice (cycle) Levice-Bratislava train Bratislava-Maribor(car)

overcast 23 °C

After breakfast I started pedalind in direction Bratislava because I was only 155km away and could cycle the distance in 2 days.
After 40km I have arrived to town I got strange urge to jump on first train and get back home. I was listening to my senses and went on first train. Had to wait only 30 minutes. On the train I had a big fight with older conductor who was making fun of me. Didnt let me entered on the ramp where I was loading the bike but wanted to sent me 10 meters away on public enterence. I jumped on the train anyway, which made conductor really mad. He was yelling at me, but had to stop because had job to do. After train left the station he camed again to my cabbin and yelled at me some more. This time I was polite to him, because didnt want to exit on next station. Conductor was controlling me all the way to Bratislava, so I was to afraid to go smoking in toilett.
In Bratislava I found my car without any problem. It was not damaged, so I could pack my bike inside and drive in direction home.Arrived in 3 hours. when I camed home I found out, that my father is seriously ill and that he has a problems with acceptance to the hospital. Situation was really serious so I brought him next day to hospital. Doctor still refused to accept my father, but I solved the issue in a minute. Later they found out, that my father had serious heart problem althou they operate him 1 month ago. Today he is felling great after operation and implant of peacemaker. I am really glad, that I went home that day so I could help my father.

Trip was ok, but I wanted to cycle more. Didnt get what I expected. Slovakian are friendly people. Maybe is better to go there in winter for skiing.
When I camed back weather got worst so I bought cyclotrenažer and started cycling at home preparing for new adventure in December to Sri Lanka!


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6th DAY

Turčianske Teplice - Počuvaldinsko Jezero (Cycling)

7th DAY:25.8.2009

After breakfast at 8 I start cycling in direction Banska Štiavnica where I wanted to overnight. First 25knm were tough but in the end I was awarded with beautyfull village Kremnica. I stopped here for cold water and drive trough old town. It is quiet cosy town. Recommend to stop at least for the coffee if you are somewhere near.
On the way I got lost and made 20km for nothing (also 12% uphill included). I stopped at motorest for lunch because I didnt have any more energy for pedaling. I ordered a local soup with cabbage and chicken breast with salad. When owner brought the soup I realized that it was dish that we call "segedin gulash" made from cabbage and beef meet. I apologized to owner and cancelled chicken, because gulash is really nutritious and I knew that it is all I can eat at one time. It is funny, because they call it different.
When I arrived in Banska Štiavnica I noticed that I dont want to overnight there. I had bad feeling in this town, dont know why. After drinking a beer I relocated myself to Počuvaldinsko Jezero, beautyfull lake 12 km out of town.
I overnighted in pension Počuvaldinsko jezero placed on lake for 20,00 eur with breakfas (breakfast was included everywhere I have been sleeping).
I made little less than 90km and was on the bike for5,5 hours.


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5th DAY

Štrbske Pleso - Kralovany (train) Kralovany - Turčianske Teplice (cycle)

overcast 20 °C

5th DAY:24.8.2009

After breakfast I went again to the lake. It is peacefull and beautyfull place in nature. there is a small road arround the lake which is suitable for jogging and walk. From this lake there is possible to hike to tatra mountains.
My plan was to get slovely moving back to Bratislava. This was imposible in this weather althou it was not raining yet (weather forcast was announcing rain for today). I decided to move lower and western. First I took small electrical train to Štrba. This one in at least 30 years old, but well preserved and in great conditions. I dont think that it is slower than new one.
After Štrba I entered nnormal train and drove arround 80km western to village called Kralovany. Here is nothing to see, so I decided to cycle till village Turčianske Teplice. It was already 12:30 so I had to go on my way. On the way I had a little accident with carrier because I lost 1 screw. It was imposible to cycle further so I had to solve situation some how. I noticed, that screw is same dimension as the one on bottle-holder. I had 2 bottle-holders, so it was no any problem to take one down and use only one from now on. This saved me and I cycled in direction Turčianske Teplice with beautyfull Velka Fatra mountains on my right. Here are many skiing resorts and it is possible to ski in winter months. Road was mostly upphill with smaller downhills. Had to pedal hard to get on finish before dark.
I found a nice pension Panda for fair price 23,00 eur. I was also eating there delicious Chineese food, maybe little expencive (14,00 eur with beer). Because I made in 4 hours almost 70 km I was sleepy and tired. Went to bed early.


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4th DAY

Levočka Dolina-Spišska Nova Ves (car) Spišska Nova Ves-Štrbske Pleso (train)

rain 18 °C

4th Day:23.8.2009

I woke up in raining morning again. Slovely rain was getting on my nervs, because I went on the bicycle trip and not on car/train trip (in this case I would leave my bicycle at home). Since I am not so self distructing, I dont like to cycle in the rain.
Pension Kovač where I was staying is nice and owner is also friendly. I payed only 16,00 eur for single room. When I gaved owners son (Tomas) my passport last night, he noticed, that I am from Slovenia. Since he was the collector of EUR coins and missed few from Slovenia, he asked me if I could maybe get coins and sent them to him. I agreed, but in the same time I also decided, that I will try to trade the favour for car transport in the morning to Spišske Nova Ves in case of rain.I had luck, because Tomas had a pick up car and also was planning a ride to same location later that day. He also helped me with getting informations regarding trains from web. My plan was to go with train from Spišske Nova Ves to Poprad and later to Štrbske Pleso (lake up the mountains).
I still had time, so I visited small lake near pension. When I camed back, Tomas was ready and we drove 16 km to Speišska Nova Ves. Because I was already here 1 day ago it was notihing new to me, so I waited on railway station for train. Was cought by conductor while smoking cigarette on the toilett on the way from Spiška Nova Ves to Poprad. Had luck because I was fast enouhg to thrown cigarette out before he braked in. After arguing he let me stayed on the train but also told me that this is the last warrning. In arguing I gaved him 2 eur and later noticed that this was Slovakian sample Thomas gaved me to sent him same one (but Slovenian). Anyway, later in Sliovenia I have found the coins he wanted in and sent them to him as a thanking for ride.
In Poprad I had to change train for electrical one. I strongly recomend you to try this out if you are travveling in this area. The ride is something special. Train goes from Tatranska Lomnica to Štrbske Pleso (23km) on height 1300-1400m. It climbs from Poprad 400 meters higher at speed 15 km/h. You can also start on other end in Štrba where I was on previous day.
After I arrived in Štrbske Pleso I found nice and cheap (20,00 eur) Pension Furotka in centre. Probably the best choice of accomodation for normal price up there. I also checked 2 other hotels near the lake and price was 170 eur (270eur) per single room. Litle to much for my pocket:) Otherwise it was first developed turistic town (village) since I was in Slovakia after Košice and Bratislava. They have even 2 fast foods,supermarket,bicycle/ski shop, servis, spa, nice restaurants with local food... I was eating in restaurant across the hotel. Dont remember the name, but you can not miss it. It is placed on 1st floor above the supermarket. I ordered lamb and it was delicious. After dinner it was getting dark and I took a ride on bike arround the lake before sleeping.


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3rd Day

Štrba-Spišske Podhradie (Train) Spišska Podhradie - Levočska dolina (Cycling)

rain 18 °C

3rd Day:22.8.2009

When I waked up I was so tired thah I couldnt cycle.That was probably because I wasnt sleeping 1 night before on train to Košice. Weather was still stable, but I still decided for a train. First I took a train from Štrba to Spisške Nova Ves for quick run trough old town, than from Spišska Nova Ves to village called Spišske Vlahy. Also here was not much to see. Something special was small electric train from Spisške Vlahy to Spisške Podhradie, town bellow Spišski castle.
Castle is huge and special, but if you want to visit it, you have to climb 200 meters. The village is full of gypsies and I wasnt able to carrie my bike with me up to the castele. That was the reason why I didnt go up there. After that it starts raining. No metter heavy rain I decided to cycle to Slovensky Raj national park. After I reached petrol station near Levočka Dolina employee explained to me, that in Slovensky Raj there is an storm going on and I dont want to go in there, but I can go to near valley in resthouse to sleep. I trusted him and decided to overnight in this guest house.They where really friendly. After dinner I felt to sleep as a baby.
Because of rain I was able to cycle only 30 km and was on the bike arround 2 hours.


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